Street studio


Last year I was invited to be at a street market.
So I set up a black background, mounted a little soft box on a tripod, an old chair along with a little 4×6 printer, and took my son to assist me. It was an amazing experience to take the studio to the street and ask people to take a portrait.
I met an elder lady who told me that she didn’t take a portrait for 50 years now, and she wasn’t in a mood. But I was able to convince her. She told me her life story and that she started to make dresses to the theatre and then became an artist.
After I took her portrait she was astoundingly amazed with her image. After two hours she came back with some old portraits on her youth.
Among a young couple in love, another couple came by. They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! They told me they’ve spent all morning searching for a photographer store to take a portrait, but weren’t able to find any.
They were from far away and came to celebrate along with an old friend that lives there! What a coincidence!
Pedro took a photograph and said that he’d come later with his family. And so he did.
We have to expose ourselves to earn other people’s trust.