on photographic thoughts

Fascinating cultures

I have always been fascinated with cultural diversity.
I believe that accentuated differences open up new possibilities to know myself better.
Many thanks to Karim for trusting me.

Passing by

My dear cousin passing by for a visit.
You’re always welcome.


We often miss the most simple things when we are away from the place we’ve born: sunshine and a traditional pastry shop along with a friend and good talking.

Memory #2

Every time is time to make a portrait. I just wanted to try a light modifier, but those opportunities always end up in a serious moment of capturing a moment in time. Every photograph immediately after had been taken is already a memory of the past.
My son André.

Tailor vision

A tailor makes garments especially to specific requirements or measurements. Eyewear can be approached the same way.
It’s a perfect vision. A tailor vision.
Ricardo is a young technician that recently joined the Tailor’s Vision team of “o oculista do bairro“.

Camera interview unplugged

This is what it could be called an unplugged result of a camera interview.
It’s a kind of pre-aggrement of what it would be stated. A study.
The result: the pure essence of portraiture.

To be able to take a portrait we have to earn trust.
I have to thank my good friend, Ana, for trusting me.
I’ll always remember this session.

Memory #1

Time has no mercy on our memory!
We must realize the importance of photography
as the ignition of our memory. Photographs are
the most precious things that we have.
They tell us where we came from and who we really are.

My grandmother in her youth.
She was always cautious with her words
in order to not offend anyone.
She was a very wise person.
I remember a time when I found some money
on the street and I got very enthusiastic
about it. She made me return the money to
the bakery nearby because it should belong
to someone in the neighbourhood. So I did it.