on photographic thoughts

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Memory #3

Scanning the arquives is always rewarding, especially when I find photos taken at a time when I did not have enough equipment or quality enough, but the end result is somehow better and more rigorous. It makes me think that I can not relax at any moment. My son André back when he was stuying Fashion Design.


I’m always looking for people to continue my project “Respect”.

It’s about people whose job is to serve others in some way and that sometimes are disregarded or disrespected.

Portraying these persons is a way to give them the importance that each human being should have, and above all the respect they deserve.

Milay is a​ hairdresser full of character and an incredible woman.

I loved the way she posed, especially her hand – it represents the punctum of Roland Barth.

Far removed

I believe in human dignity and I cannot stand for injustices. That’s why I always feel the need to respect each human being and somehow help each one to raise its self-esteem. To help a portrait for those who are not expecting to be portrayed and to give light to those faces that are far removed is a life mission. This is humanity, above all. Maria do Céu it’s a beautiful woman that represents human dignity. I was able to take her portrait and return a couple of months later to offer a few prints to her family. I’ve received much more than I gave: everybody’s friendship and respect. If we add this to the fact that I’ve seen her portrait published in PhotoVogue Italy, then my mission is accomplished in a much broader sense. Feeling grateful.

Fascinating cultures

I have always been fascinated with cultural diversity.
I believe that accentuated differences open up new possibilities to know myself better.
Many thanks to Karim for trusting me.

Passing by

My dear cousin passing by for a visit.
You’re always welcome.


We often miss the most simple things when we are away from the place we’ve born: sunshine and a traditional pastry shop along with a friend and good talking.

Memory #2

Every time is time to make a portrait. I just wanted to try a light modifier, but those opportunities always end up in a serious moment of capturing a moment in time. Every photograph immediately after had been taken is already a memory of the past.
My son André.