on photographic thoughts

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Far removed

I believe in human dignity and I cannot stand for injustices. That’s why I always feel the need to respect each human being and somehow help each one to raise its self-esteem. To help a portrait for those who are not expecting to be portrayed and to give light to those faces that are far removed is a life mission. This is humanity, above all. Maria do Céu it’s a beautiful woman that represents human dignity. I was able to take her portrait and return a couple of months later to offer a few prints to her family. I’ve received much more than I gave: everybody’s friendship and respect. If we add this to the fact that I’ve seen her portrait published in PhotoVogue Italy, then my mission is accomplished in a much broader sense. Feeling grateful.

Fascinating cultures

I have always been fascinated with cultural diversity.
I believe that accentuated differences open up new possibilities to know myself better.
Many thanks to Karim for trusting me.

Passing by

My dear cousin passing by for a visit.
You’re always welcome.


We often miss the most simple things when we are away from the place we’ve born: sunshine and a traditional pastry shop along with a friend and good talking.

Memory #2

Every time is time to make a portrait. I just wanted to try a light modifier, but those opportunities always end up in a serious moment of capturing a moment in time. Every photograph immediately after had been taken is already a memory of the past.
My son André.

Tailor vision

A tailor makes garments especially to specific requirements or measurements. Eyewear can be approached the same way.
It’s a perfect vision. A tailor vision.
Ricardo is a young technician that recently joined the Tailor’s Vision team of “o oculista do bairro“.

Camera interview unplugged

This is what it could be called an unplugged result of a camera interview.
It’s a kind of pre-aggrement of what it would be stated. A study.
The result: the pure essence of portraiture.

To be able to take a portrait we have to earn trust.
I have to thank my good friend, Ana, for trusting me.
I’ll always remember this session.